Budget-Friendly Website Design

A new year always seems to bring with it renewed energy and focus, especially for those of us with business goals that have gotten pushed off or made secondary to customer needs. When you get busy with customers, it’s hard to prioritize important aspects of your business like your website, social media, or defining and maintaining your brand. When you think of what you MUST do on a day-to-day basis, you hardly have time to get through managing your customer relationships, a sales staff, etc. However, letting your website become outdated and dysfunctional makes your business as a whole look outdated and dysfunctional; and therefore, not a top choice for your ideal customers. This year we want to help you achieve your goals through our budget-friendly website design.

Your website is not only your best marketing tool, it’s a requirement. We often emphasize that your goal should always be to empathize with your ideal customer. Find out what their problems are, and offer them the best solution. If a potential client’s first exposure to your company and brand is an inconvenient hassle, or feels like an afterthought, it’s clear to them that you don’t value their time, or maybe even that you cut-corners. That’s not a great first impression.

So you probably already know you need to revamp your web-presence, but is it even possible with your budget?

Can you allocate enough money toward building a new site that actually solves your problems? A new website should not only solve a problem, but become a valuable tool for communicating with your ideal customers.



At Northbound, we’re excited about meeting you where you are right now. We’re passionate about helping you achieve your goals. And we’re happy to do that by building you a budget-friendly website. We often work with small businesses, local businesses, and start-ups that have a minimal budget, but know that a functional and on-brand website is a necessary component to building a successful business.


Here are some examples of budget-friendly websites that we’ve built start-to-finish for under $10,000.


Bowdie’s Chop House, Bangalore Training Systems, Place Property Management, Tanglewood Winery, AcuTread


So how do we build a budget-friendly website that’s also great-looking and valuable for our clients?

Like we say in our mission statement — we build your creative team and your timeline around your needs. It’s not just about making something unattractive look pretty and new. It’s about solving your day-to-day problems and adding value to your business.

We often recommend and produce growth-driven design. Growth-driven design is essentially work produced one step at a time. Your goal and our goal for you is to grow as a company and reach your ideal customers. Maybe the website you can build today isn’t going to be the website you plan to need in two to three years. We will build your website in a way that can accommodate future needs and functionality, so that when you have grown, you won’t need to start from scratch. You’ll be halfway there already.

As a boutique studio ourselves, we understand the value of your investment and will spend your money like it’s our own. In short, we want to work with you the way that you want to work.