Why small businesses need a strong brand.

By July 8, 2019 No Comments

Love at first sight.
You had me at hello.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

People make snap decisions, now more than ever. There are so many choices available that if our first impression doesn’t meet our expectations, we’re on to the next thing. 

Think about how long you spend on a restaurant’s website before you decide to eat there or somewhere else. 30 seconds (the average)? Less? You can’t do much reading in those first 30 seconds. Instead, you’re relying on the branding to tell you whether it’s the right choice or not. 

You’re looking at the quality of the website and getting an idea of the quality of the restaurant. You’re looking at the photos of the interiors and the food options. You’re noticing how easy it is to find the menu. All these elements are helping you form your opinion of the restaurant before you even walk through the door.

Yes, other forms of marketing are necessary to getting those leads to your website — but, once they get there, will they stay? 

Most small businesses treat their logos and branding as an afterthought, or an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, this is a huge missed opportunity to capture leads. The majority of small businesses are losing the bulk of potential customers to companies that invested in their brands and convinced people to get to know them.

Having an empathetic brand built from research into your target market is the first step to making your company the first choice. Read more here about how to successfully create an empathetic brand. 

We’re ready to help you capture those leads through your effective brand strategy.