Our friends at Avalanche Creative and we noticed a problem. Recycling is really important and we all want to do our part in protecting our environment, including our local environment. But recycling has a lot of rules — complicated ones — and they change based on where you live! We did some research on Kent County’s recycling rules thanks to reimaginetrash.org and decided to create an illustrated guide just for our Kent County friends! Please feel free to download, print and share. We hope that this can make recycling easier and encourage you to take a few extra minutes to do the right thing.

Download: Recycle Kent County

recycling illustration with cute illustrated icons

The Process

First, we educated ourselves. Then we did some mood-boarding and came up with a color pallet. We hoped this would be so fun to look at that it inspired people to spend time reading it. The color pallet is bright and fun, yet feels natural. Then we illustrated. We took our illustrations and came up with a layout that worked both functionally and aesthetically. We had a great time learning and creating something we hope can be good for our community. We hope you have fun learning too! Happy recycling!