On Friday, the Northbound team took a field trip! We are always looking for ways to provide a better end product to our clients, whether that’s by working through new tutorials, keeping up with software changes, industry trends, or examining our own processes to be as efficient as possible. Recently, we decided we wanted to buff up our print production knowledge.

We are lucky to have quite a few great printing companies in the Grand Rapids area that have been wonderful, reliable partners for us and for our clients. One of those partners, Allegra Marketing Print Mail invited us on a tour of their office, and we were very excited! So excited that we actually came up with a list of specific questions about their process and how we can send them files that better prepare the finished project to look the way we imagined, and the way we see it on-screen. There are lots of small things a designer has to do to make sure color prints correctly, typefaces are clear, etc. We are happy to have had our questions answered, and our confidence in the end product boosted.


Thanks to Allegra for the great tour and lesson!


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