Tanglewood Winery

A Holland, Michigan Winery.

Client: Tanglewood Winery
Date: December 30, 2016
Services: Branding, Website, Graphic Design, Photography

Visual Design and Winery Branding

Tanglewood Winery sits on a 3rd generation West Michigan blueberry field, just a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan. Their logo reflects the what the farm resembles in the off season, when it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits.

If only you could taste the wine from your screen. Alas, that’s not possible yet. Photography combined with modern design highlight Tanglewood’s online presence, labels and social media channels.

The look of a blueberry field in the winter – tangled thorns, knots, and exposed branches. This Holland, Michigan winery is a working blueberry field, producing the fine fruits that make up some of Tanglewood’s wine. As you drive down the tree-lined road in route to Tanglewood, the logo starts to make sense.


Thorns and silk. Polar opposites, similar to the West Michigan region that Tanglewood Winery calls home. During the summer when the blueberry farm is in full bloom, you’d be hard pressed to feel anything other than ‘smooth’ as you walk the farm. Then winter hits, and it cuts through your very soul.

Wine bottle labels

03. Website Experience

The unique story of a winery is one that should be told. It’s often the story that draws people in – the history, region and the people that make the winery special. Tanglewood’s website tells their story, all packed into a responsive, user-friendly format.