White River Knife

White River Knife Catalog Design and Photography.

Client: White River Knife & Tool
Date: January 1, 2018
Services: Photography, Catalog Design, Product Card Deck

01. Project Scale

White River Knife is a small family company that builds high quality knives and tools. Inspired by the White River in the Manistee National Forest that runs through their family’s property, the team behind White River is passionate about the outdoors. We had the pleasure of designing their 2018 product catalog, along with a product card deck for on-the-go sales. Our catalog design incorporates custom photography, modern design, and rustic elements to tell the White River story.

Story Telling

These photos capture the quality and craftsmanship of White River Knives. They also tell a story of the land and the hunt. With a book map in hand, we sought out specific shots. They were intentionally ordered to narrate the experience. Outside of the catalog, the shots stand alone.


03. Catalog

The 2018 catalog uses our custom photography, rustic design elements, and a modern layout to communicate the quality of the products. As an added touch, we created a “Made in USA” stamp using White River branding that appears throughout the design. This stamp effectively communicates important information, while also serving as a design element.

To read the full catalog, scroll through the pages below by clicking the arrows, or clicking and dragging.

04. Product Card Deck

In addition to the full-size catalog, we created a product deck made up of individual cards. Cards featuring individual products can be added or subtracted based on the needs of the salesman, or the preferences of the client.