A new Michigan Brewery is set to open in the city of Cascade. The brewery sits near the shores of the Thornapple River, named after the plethora of thornapple trees that line the shores. We kept this in mind as during the conception of their logo, incorporating an actual cut-out of a tree. The tree was coated with ink, then pressed onto paper, scanned, vectorized and voila.

Thornapple Brewing Co.

A Cascade, Michigan brewing company specializing in ciders

Thornapple Brewing is situated along the Thornapple River in West Michigan, AND they specialize in ciders. A custom wood cut design helped to create their logo, taking the typical digital design to new heights. Their logo has since been printed directly on their kegs and stills.

Client: Thornapple Brewing Co.
Date: December 20, 2016
Services: Logo Design