Located in Saugatuck, Michigan

Client: Landsharks
Date: August 15, 2017
Services: Website, E-Commerce, Photography

01. Project Scale

Landsharks is a premier apparel and gear outfitter located in Saugatuck, Michigan. The brick and mortar store has been open since the early 1980’s, however they have not had any online presence, until now. We used custom photography to help create their e-commerce website, which included trips to the local outdoor destinations and a few days in downtown Saugatuck. Their new website is stacked full of stories, products, photography and is of course mobile friendly.

02. Custom Photography

A quality and professional website often stems from the photography and stock photography just doesn’t cut it anymore. It never really did, however many companies still use stock photography in the hopes that nobody notices. We always advise custom photography with any website build and Landsharks was more than happy to go this route. West Michigan offers a plethora of photo-worthy destinations, and the amazing crew at Landsharks did a wonderful job playing model for the day.

03. Desktop Experience

Whatever the screen size or platform, Landsharks e-commerce website is fully responsive and looks great. It remains consistent with their brand, colors, and is a new revenue stream for the company.

04. Mobile Solutions

A quality web presence must include an enjoyable mobile experience. Our web developers work hard to ensure that your website will run smoothly on any mobile platform, including phones and tablets.