Bowdie’s Chophouse

Located in Saugatuck, Michigan

Client: Bowdie's Chophouse
Date: September 25, 2017
Services: Photography, Website, Menu Design

01. Project Scale

Bowdie’s Chophouse is a fine dining bar and restaurant located in Saugatuck, Michigan. The small cottage houses an intimate dining room and serves the best steaks in the state. We used custom photography to help create their website, which included food styling, drink styling, and lifestyle photography. Their new website showcases their mouth-watering food, awesome location, and enticing menu and is of course mobile friendly.

02. Custom Photography

Brad Bruce, from Images B does a great job when it comes to custom photography. We always advise custom photography with any website build and Bowdie’s was more than happy to go this route. Brad set up the shots prior to the food being cooked so that we could capture that hot-off-the-grill steam. Bowdie’s food is so photogenic and uniquely presented that it had to be featured. While the food presentation certainly reveals that it is high-quality, the lighting and styling of the photos only elevate the look.

03. Desktop Experience

Whatever the screen size or platform, Bowdie’s website is fully responsive and looks great. It remains consistent with their brand, atmosphere, and is targeted toward their specific audience.

04. Mobile Solutions

A quality web presence must include an enjoyable mobile experience. Our web developers work hard to ensure that your website will run smoothly on any mobile platform, including phones and tablets.


05. Menu

A quality restaurant deserves a quality menu. Menus help tell the story of the restaurant and contribute to the guest experience. We designed Bowdie’s menus to subtly highlight the vintage feel of the dining room. The newspaper-inspired menus also tie in with the newsprint wrapping used in the restaurant.