Client: Altec
Date: 2016-09-03
Services: Printing Branding

Altec is an innovative engineering development company of automative tire retreading equipment.

Instead of our tires sitting in a landfill, Altec is helping to protect our environment by designing machines to retread old tires. This process will effectively put those tires back on the road for a second life. When you think about how many miles a commercial semi-truck will drive in a year, you get the reasoning behind their idea. Altec came to us with their new company, willing to listen to our ideas for a logo, color pallet and branding guidelines.

Altec’s logo was designed with their machine process in mind. The outer circle represents the completed, new tire. The inner elements represent the numerous individual Altec machines that must be used to create that retreaded tire. The color of blue is often connected with innovation, trust, honesty and loyalty. Blue is reliable and responsible.