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who we are

About Us

We have all lived and worked in very different areas, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Maryland, and more. Each place influenced us creatively, and shaped who we are, what we enjoy and what we believe in.

We left home, moved around and finally settled here. Now all together, we are working closely with very different clients, all whom require special attention and care. Each industry we work with has its unique people, aesthetics and elements. Our backgrounds and life choices have taught us to appreciate the amazing differences, which translates our design studio into a plethora of design and communication ideas specific to each client. We enjoy and welcome a challenge. Bring it on.

Get Directions
How We Do Things

Our Process

01 Definition

Everyone must be on the same page. Hopes, dreams and expectations.

02 Discovery

Once your dreams are laid out we will create your path of direction. You can follow us every step of the way.

03 Creation

The design process is always a good time. Sketches, initial designs, proofs and revisions - until it's perfect.

04 Implement

All the hard work begins to come to life. Our designs are now in place and your website is live, your marketing materials are printed, and you can now move on and take over the world.

Where we get things done

Our Studio

Located just outside of downtown Grand Rapids, MI, we have set up shop in a space full of local and international history.


It’s tough to pin down our services to bullet points.

What we provide depends on your needs. First we listen. Learning about you and your business is key to the success of all involved, so tell us as much as you can. From there, we will all formulate a plan of action, whether it involves a new website, complete branding, or a video for your current site. Our list of services is numerous, so just ask. Chances are we will have what you need.

Northbound Studio White Paper

Download our white paper to learn more about what we have to offer at Northbound Studio.


Our Team

Professional, educated, knowledgeable, experienced and approachable. That’s how we like to see ourselves. With over 20 combined years in the design industry we each have our own set of skills but approach each project as ONE.