Things That Every Design Studio Should Have

Around the studio, there are many little things we might take for granted, but they are some of a designer’s best friends. Here are some of the studio objects we use almost every day which help us in our creative process, and some of the unsung heroes of the office.

Update: July 6, 2018

The Garage Door

Why sit inside when the weather is this nice? Having a garage door allows us to work productively while still enjoying the outdoors.


The Coffee Maker

The coffee maker provides the fuel that keeps us moving all day. What would we do without it? Probably fall asleep.


The Swedish Fish

Every once in a while, we need a sweet treat. Our favorite? Swedish fish.



The Pantone Book

This little book contains hundreds of different colors in every shade imaginable. The Pantone book helps us when choosing color schemes and makes it so that we can find that exact shade we were looking for to be perfect for the client. It is our best friend for getting inspiration when picking color.


The Xacto Knife

This tiny tool comes in very handy for us when it comes to all the cutting and assembling of flyers and printed material for clients.


The EXPO markers

So much of our brainstorming we quickly jot down on a marker board. We rely on our markers (which are always within arm’s reach) for note-taking and planning every day. Having this many markers in all different colors helps us with flowcharts and color coding. Just don’t accidentally put them in your mug of coffee.


The Moodboard

When designing logos and websites for our clients, it is always important to first get a general sense of what the vibe or the general feeling of the design will be. Typefaces, colors, layouts, images, and samples of different materials pulled from different sources help us to visualize all of this. Assembling all of our ideas in one place gives us a solid foundation from which we can build.


The Ping Pong Table

Last but not least, it is always important to take a break from work and have a moment to relax. For us, that involves intense games of ping pong.